Sade Gryffin Intuitive

I am a transgender queer intuitive healer with over 30 years experience in the healing arts. Through a unique combination of ancestral psychic lineage, intensive clairvoyant training and seasoned teaching skills, I bring a bold, pragmatic and accessible approach to the esoteric world of intuitive healing.
My private practice and my workshops uniquely break with the traditional paradigm of binary gendered teachings found in most intuitive and psychic awareness practices.
I strive to create a safe and nonjudgmental container for the queer, genderqueer, transgendered, and LGBTQI communities, to heal mind, body and spirit and to hone and embody our innate intuitive wisdom. Clients report feeling radical shifts and powerful positive transformation in their daily lives.
I love to teach intuitive healing tools and techniques. Some of the events I have had the honor of teaching at include: Ojah yoga retreat, Generate: Harmony gathering, The Art Institute of San Francisco, and Fabulosa Fest. In 2012 I graduated from the clairvoyant training program at Psychic Horizons School in San Francisco.
“The healing session I had with Sade was nothing less than miraculous. We moved through blocks that years of therapy, spiritual practice, and other healers hadn’t touched. I experienced a truly radical shift, which was mirrored to me in the immediate way my outside world began to respond! The change has manifested so many new openings and opportunities for me. Two months after I am living in a way I didn’t know was possible. I only wish I had contacted Sade sooner. Don’t hesitate! ? ”
Lisa Lennox Carbondale, IL
Healings can be in person at Cariad Healing’s Oakland office or by phone or Skype from anywhere in the world.
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