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April 2019 Trip to Sacred Sites of Wales and the UK

My intention
to connect to the land and my Celtic ancestors

through stones circles, sacred sites and the path of  the Mabinogion.


  • The Mabinogion are 11 tales of Welsh folklore, written down over 950 years ago.
  • The original stories have more than one author and come from an aural tradition of Welsh Bairds (poets and singers) traveling the land to recount the stories, these tales morphed with each telling.
  • Taliesin is the most famous of Welsh Bairds
  • The four branches of the Mabinogi relate to each other and carry themes and characters between the branches.
  • These Welsh folks tales are steeped in mysticism and magic. Like many spiritual traditions the lessons are revealed in symbols and lore, for those ready to hear them.
  • The tales of the Mabinogion take place in this world and the ‘other world’ called Annwfyn. The humans, animals and other world faeries move seamlessly through these dimensions.
  • Portals to Annwfyn are often found in lakes, just like the Lady of the Lake in Arthurian tales.
  • What do I mean by  follow the path of the Mabinogion? 
  • Many of the tales took place in towns, mountains and lakes that still bare the same names today. I will be in South, West and North Wales visiting places associated with the Mabinogion.


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