Intuitive Healings

“Sade Huron is a remarkably gifted practitioner. What we have found together in sessions has enriched and deepend my life  and provided potent and specific tools I can carry forth daily. Honestly, I have been blown away by how Sade manages to access exactly what is needed, the level of listening that emerges, and how generous and surprising the communication is that develops. I leave sessions feeling subtle shifts in my being and daily life. 

I highly recommend working with Sade, and have already referred many people to Sade, who in turn have experienced this power.”

Margit Galanter, Oakland

Intuitive healings are a powerful way to get clarity and insight into patterns and belief systems that are shaping your life. In a healing session, I work with the energetic field that surrounds your body (called the aura), which is the connection of spirit to body.

Your energetic field holds information that I am able to read and translate through my own intuitive skills. Which enables me to help you remove blocks, balance your mind, body and spirit, and ultimately to align you with your authentic self and access your deep inner wisdom.

In working with me and my unique approach, clients often feel a powerful positive shift in their energy, and a profound sense of rejuvenation.

Healings can be in person at Cariad Healing’s Oakland office or by phone or Skype from anywhere in the world.