“Since my first healing session with Sade, I knew I was in the presence of someone special. Sade has become a monthly tool, in my toolbox of life. The information I receive during a session has powerfully changed the course of my business and my personal life. I highly recommend you work with Sade, as soon as you do, your life will forever change… for the better!”

Jordan Decker, CA


“The healing session I had with Sade was nothing less than miraculous. This was the first time I had done this type of work with someone I didn’t previously know. I’m a bit of a natural skeptic, but Sade’s warm and professional presence radiates through any distance and technology. We moved through blocks that years of therapy, spiritual practice, and other healers hadn’t touched. I experienced a truly radical shift, which was mirrored to me in the immediate way my outside world began to respond! The change has manifested so many new openings and opportunities for me. Two months after I am living in a way I didn’t know was possible. I only wish I had contacted Sade sooner. Don’t hesitate!”
Lisa Lennox Carbondale, IL

“Sade’s readings have had a transformational impact on my life, grounded me in a larger intergenerational perspective on my life and my life’s healing.  His work has re-booted my whole system, allowing me to clear our life-long negativity that was never even mine to begin with.  I am eternally grateful for Sade and his powerful work in the world. “
Sue Kuyper, Oakland

“Sade Huron is a remarkably gifted practitioner. What we have found together in sessions has enriched and deepened my life and provided potent and specific tools I can carry forth daily. Honestly, I have been blown away by how Sade manages to access exactly what is needed, the level of listening that emerges, and how generous and surprising the communication is that develops. I leave sessions feeling subtle shifts in my being and daily life. I highly recommend working with Sade, and have already referred many people to Sade, who in turn have experienced this power.”
Margit Galanter, Oakland

“I have been to several good energy healers over the years, but Sade is the best I’ve ever seen—truly in a class all their own! In a few sessions, Sade helped me completely change a life-long negative pattern that years of therapy couldn’t seem to touch. I was blown away to finally feel free of that weight. Now, I see Sade regularly to continue to grow and learn great tools that help me in my daily life. I feel stronger, freer, more grounded, and more open to change than I have ever been. I cannot recommend Sade highly enough!”
VJ Oakland

“My session with Sade was tremendously helpful. Sade has such a keen grasp of other people’s emotions and energy. Through their skill at intuiting and translating what they intuits into words (metaphors, vignettes, colors, moods), Sade’s reading massively clarified situations for me. And as other reviewers have noted, Sade is also very skilled and generous in offering tools to handle situations likely to stymie us in the future, and in this way, the healing and growth resulting from work with their continues long after the session. I highly recommend Sade!”
Liz C, Sacramento CA

“Sade was the first energy healer I have been too. I was hesitant, unsure, and a little bit skeptical, but Sade has such a great personal energy, I felt inspired to give it a chance. I was really blown away with the experience. Sade was spot on with their words. I was in the middle of a huge transition including major career change, and their words were completely helpful, accurate, as well as healing. As Sade was going through the process, I physically felt the energy shifting in my body. It was an incredible experience.

Sade does an excellent job at making you feel comfortable and at ease. His dialogue is wonderful, and as others have stated, Sade’s quite funny as he talks about what he is “seeing” going on with you. I was able to talk and de-brief with Sade at the end, which I found very healing and validating as well. Sade even taught me a quick little grounding technique to take with me to my state exams I was taking the next week.

When the session was finished, I felt lighter and completely at ease with my issue of major transition. I also couldn’t wait to get home to my wife and let her know what a cleansing and healing experience I had with Sade. My wife booked with Sade as well.
I cannot recommend him highly enough.”
JP Oakland CA


“I had an amazing healing with Sade Huron last week . As soon as the session was done I felt a change in my energy and my feelings . Suddenly so much lighter and with a constant feeling of gratitude . Sade is a very kind person ,very accurate, such a gifted healer. I would highly recommend Sade and will definitely be seeing him m again . Thank you Sade for the beautiful gift that you have.”

Alvaro Flores, Pacifica Ca.

“I have had the privilege to work with Sade for a few years now, Sade is an amazing master healer, every time I have either a reading, counseling or guidance, my entire life changes after the session. Being able to work with Sade consistently has been so rewarding and so insightful, Sade is very kind, loving and very accurate in his observations and his healings are truly transformational. Sade is the number one person to call, when things go south “
Natalie Zeituny, Los Angeles CA

social entrepreneur, conscious business and intuitive counselor.

” I came to Sade for the first time a few months ago and again this past week. The two sessions I have experienced were incredibly clear and helpful. Some truths are hard to hear, but necessary and working with someone so compassionate makes it way easier. Sade is truly intuitive and truly loves people and wants to help them. Sade is a clear channel. I would recommend Sade’s services to anyone. “
Micah Riot, San Francisco CA

“ I had an amazing session with Sade last night and I am still processing all of the deeply important information I received. Sade is indeed a gifted healer. I felt safe and held, and I am so grateful for the experience. Also, I found Sade to be very kind and generous. I will definitely be seeing Sade again.”
Gina Breedlove. Oakland CA

“My healing with Sade was powerful, immediate, and profound.  Just after the healing I felt so much lighter and freer, suddenly in love with life! This effect has only strengthened over time.  Even though I chose just one area of my life to focus on, my healing with Sade has positively impacted every area of my life.  Important blocks were cleared, releasing vital energy and allaying fears that I would always feel “stuck” in these areas.  This healing was such a gift,  something I have no doubt I was divinely guided to at just the perfect time. I would highly recommend Sade’s healing to anyone who is feeling called to grow and bust through any barriers to living life to the fullest.”
Jeannie Sevelius, Oakland CA

“I had the most transformative reading with Sade Huron. He helped me to cement my thoughts and ideas about how to further my own spiritual/energetic growth. And shed light on some of messy/convoluted feelings I was having about some life issues. I would strongly recommend a reading with him. Sade has such a gift! I have literally never experienced a healing like I experienced with Sade! Thank you for sharing your amazing healing gift with the world!”
Vag Jenkins, Oakland CA

“Sade is a real deal, bonified intuit offering deep & relevant guidance for all realms. the level of specificity to which they work reaches is eerily pointed. there’s no wondering if Sade is legit.”
Therese Noël Bertucci-Allen, Oakland CA

“I’ve worked with Sade for about two years. Sade’s ability to see my energy and find those emotional roadblocks have greatly helped me. I highly recommend a reading/healing from Sade.”
Terris Guell, San Francisco CA

“I had the pleasure of sitting with Sade while they gave me an intuitive reading this summer. I found him to be confident, fluid in their ability to flow with the changing images that came up, and fun to work with. This was one of my first readings and Sade made me feel comfortable and at ease. The information he gave me made me feel interested and open, not bombarded in any way. Sade loves what he does and you can tell!”
Ajila Hart, San Francisco CA

“The readings and healings that I received from Sade hit on my core issues. Sade intuitively sees clearly the information, Sade is loving, neutral and non-judgmental. I felt light and centered after a session with Sade.”
Silvia A Altamiranda, San Francisco CA