Previous workshops: Trust your Truth – Intuitive energy healing workshop

Trust your truth: develop your intuition and learn tools you can use daily for peace of mind, clarity of decision making and wellbeing.

I am offering an intensive 7-week workshop series of 90-minute classes.

I will teach the foundational tools of intuitive energy healing for you to develop and access your innate wisdom. Listening to and acting on your intuitive wisdom allows you to operate from a place of clarity, discernment and insight.

You will learn powerful tools on how to:

  • Be grounded anywhere
  • Be centered and present
  • Cleanse your aura and chakras
  • Create and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Protect and separate from unwanted energies
  • Hone your psychic awareness  (intuition)

You can use these transformational techniques anywhere, benefits include:

  • Feel at home in your body
  • Have clarity of decision making
  • Release old worn out patterns and habits
  • Heal relationships with people, money, career
  • And allow your authentic self to manifest

Each session builds on work from the previous ones. The workshop is for all levels; no previous experience is necessary. There will be guided intuitive energy healings in the form of meditations, plus discussions, exercises and practical information to bring this work into your everyday life. This work is magic and transformational.


The workshop runs for 7 weeks
July 10th – August 21st 
Mondays 5:15-6:45pm

Venue: Temescal Arts Center Oakland
511 48TH street.  OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA  94609

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What people  are saying:

Workshop participants

Your energy is welcoming and peaceful and safe.”

“It was overall a really grounding experience. I connected with something that I haven’t before, Thank you ”

“Very accessible in terms of not getting caught up in jargon/philosophies and keeping focus on no ‘wrong way’ to do it”